Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Exclusive NEW Footage!! [girl with a funny talent]

No.1 Most Watched Video In Australia For the 4th consecutive day!

Girl With A Funny Talent - Sarah, has dominated the Australian Youtube charts for the 3rd consecutive day, holding the title of Most Viewed video. With a current view count of 12,899,280 views in only 4 days!!!! AMAZING!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Girl shows off her dancing eyebrows (VIDEO)


A young girl has become an online hit thanks to her ability to make her eyebrows dance in time to music.

Staring at the camera the 14-year-old girl from Australia starts off by giving an awkward grimace before the music starts and her facial feature spark into life.

Sarah then proceeds to make her eyebrows jump and dance in time to the music doing every arch in tempo and on point.

And while some online commenters have claimed the video is fake, Sarah has said she's now taking requests for songs people would like to see her shake her eyebrows to.

Aussie eyebrow dance girl becomes online star.


A 13-year-old Sydney girl with a unique ability to move her eyebrows in time to music has become an internet star, with her YouTube video drawing over seven million views in less than a week.

The girl, who has only identified herself by her first name Sarah, uploaded a video of herself moving her eyebrows in a wave-like motion to the beat of a short piece of electronic music on December 29.

The clip was apparently inspired by a 2009 Cadbury advertisement which used the same music but applied CGI to animate the eyebrows of two schoolchildren.

Sarah’s video was an instant hit — in the four days it has been up it has been viewed 7,751,282 times and featured prominently on major US websites Reddit and The Huffington Post.

Sarah posted a follow-up video where she thanked "everyone who watched the video, liked commented, subscribed, etcetera".

"To all those people who think the video's fake. It's real," she said before giving her eyebrows another wiggle.

Sarah said she welcomes song requests and has set up a Facebook page where she encourages fans to ask her questions.

The page already has more than 20,000 likes and has been flooded with comments.

Eyebrow Dance Makes Girl a Star (VIDEO)

ABC News

A 13-year-old Australian girl has landed a talent sure to make her the center of attention at any party, especially considering it’s already made her an Internet sensation.

All it took was a little dancing, with her eyebrows.

The aptly named “Girl With a Funny Talent” video now circulating the Web shows the teen, Sarah, from Sydney, Australia, bopping her eyebrows up and down to the beat of the music.

It’s strangely mesmerizing, and has become a YouTube hit, with more than 8 million views on the site. The brow-bending video has also landed Sarah a tribute song, and more than 29,000 likes on her Facebook page.

Video: ‘Girl with a funny talent’ goes viral.

San Francisco Chronicle

Some people can wiggle their ears. Others can cross their eyes or whistle like a bird. And then there’s a girl named Sarah whose funny talent is especially entertaining—and unique. The 13-year-old from Sydney, Australia, can make her eyebrows dance.

Sarah, whose last name and back story are unknown, posted a video of herself performing impressive eyebrow dance moves to music last week and became an Internet sensation in a matter of days. Her YouTube video, “Girl with a Funny Talent,” has been viewed more than 7 million times.

Sarah’s video was inspired by the 2009 Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar advertisement with two kids performing a synchronized eyebrow dance. The ad featured the same electro-funk soundtrack (Freestyle’s “You Don’t Stop the Rock”), but computer generated imagery was used to animate the kids’ brows.

Sarah’s brow-bending dance doesn’t seem to be the result of computer tricks. Soon after her video went viral, she posted a follow-up and told her fans that her talent is real. She also invited viewers to visit her Facebook page and request songs for future brow performances. Her Facebook page already has 33,000 fans.

Sydney 'eyebrow dance' girl faces fame, stalkers.


A Sydney schoolgirl is overjoyed to have millions of fans after wiggling her eyebrows in an internet video — but her family is also troubled by unwanted attention from online predators.

Sarah, who turns 14 next week, used her laptop to film herself moving her eyebrows to the beat of a song as a lark last month.

Her friend posted the clip on Sarah's Facebook page and her friends loved it.

But the avalanche of interest came when the video was uploaded to YouTube on December 29 — at last count it has attracted an incredible 12 million views.

"It's exciting, and I'm excited to see where this will take me," Sarah told ninemsn.

"When it first uploaded to YouTube I thought it would hardly get 1000 views. When I woke up the next morning it was on 50,000 views — I was amazed. And now it's got 12 million."

Her mother Marilou said her family is happy with all the positive support, but there is also an element of sexual depravity in the feedback which makes her concerned for her daughter's safety.

"Some of the comments are really sick," Marilou said.

"When you read these comments it scares me as a mother.

"But when I look at the big picture I'm hoping and praying there will be a really positive result for Sarah."

Sarah said she too found some of the comments "scary".

"I just have to be careful with what information I put out there," she said.

The schoolgirl said she has not made any money from the YouTube clip but has been fielding a number of offers from commercial firms who want to advertise their brand on her video.

The teenager was inspired to perform her eyebrow trick after seeing a Cadbury TV advertisement that used CGI to animate the eyebrows of two schoolchildren.

Her family tried to imitate the eyebrow wave trick but only Sarah could do it.

In the clip uploaded to YouTube five days ago, Sarah wiggles her brow to the same electronic music featured in the Cadbury ad.

Sarah said she welcomes song requests and has set up a Facebook page where she encourages fans to ask her questions.

"I'll definitely make more videos," she said.